Training Services

We provide a full range of services, from training to retail.


Watson Chambers Defense Institute is designed for YOU to be a member with us. Help us accomplish our vision to create a victimless nation one community at a time by equipping citizens with the skills and ability to defend effectively, by signing up today
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For beginner training classes, click here
Our beginner classes incorporate firearm safety and laws. 
The First Step, Second Step and Third Step classes (which must be done in order) are offered as Ladies Only as well as Co-Ed. These classes are tailored to beginners, but people at all levels could benefit from the information. 
The Second step class includes NRA Certification. 
We also have a Youth Training Academy that promotes gun safety for children. 
Our AR-15 classes are perfect for those who want to get into ARs but don't know where to begin. We also offer a gunshot trauma class. If you carry a gun, it's a good idea to know how to treat gunshot wounds And our course, NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) class is offered to those who want to learn how to safely operate and help out at the range.


For intermediate training classes, click here
Our intermediate classes are specialized for rifles, shotguns and handguns. They are modeled after the NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home course with lots of LE and MIL experience added in. 


    For advanced training classes, click here
    Our advanced training classes are specialized for rifles, shotguns and handguns. These are modeled after the NRA Personal Protection Outside the home course and are 2 day classes with so much to learn. 


      For corporate and business training opportunities, click here
      WCDI specializes in training staff members of many different businesses entities. These include but are not limited to Churches, schools, businesses, offices, security teams, and law enforcement and military units.


      To sign up for range time, click here
      WCDI operates indoor shooting ranges of Live Fire, Airgun/Archery, SIRT laser simulation, and Force on Force arenas. 
        We also operate an outdoor shooting complex in Jonesville Indiana