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Instructor Bios

The individuals that make up the WCDI instructor team are all NRA certified firearms instructors, as a minimum. Ranging from civilian firearms enthusiasts to skilled active law enforcement officers and military personnel, the WCDI training team is a mix of valuable skills and perspectives.

Aaron Watson

Aaron is President and Co-Owner of the company. Growing up with two Indiana State Police Officer parents, Aaron has been around firearms since a young age. He has competed in local law enforcement shooting competitions. He also enjoys staffing at community Cub Scout BB gun ranges and Boy Scout rifle and shotgun ranges. Aaron brings a good perspective as a daily handgun carrier and someone who regularly carries concealed and openly. Aaron has a passion for teaching new students and getting them into firearms sports and activities.

Tami Watson

With 16 years of law enforcement under her belt, Tami has been using firearms for a long time. She brings a female law enforcement's perspective to our team. She enjoys teaching new female shooters and women self defense classes.

A note from Tami:
I am passionate about empowering women of all ages, professions, and backgrounds. The victimization of women in today's society can be minimized if women refuse to allow themselves to be easy targets, change their mind sets, and heighten their awareness of their surroundings. I speak publicly on this topic. I have teamed up with the Batesville YMCA to teach a women's safety course. 

I feel very fortunate to have received the specialized training in covert narcotics investigations, Rx drug investigations, and legislative lobbying. I have worked jointly with federal and state agencies to include but not limited to the DEA, FBI, ATF, US Customs and Indiana Attorney General's Office. I look forward to utilizing my training and experience on a local level.

Brent Lykins

Brent was born and raised in Indiana on a farm acquiring a good work ethic. He has earned the Eagle Scout Award, served two missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Anaheim, California for two years. He has lived out of country in Calgary, Alberta Canada and currently resides in Indiana. He is very family and religious centered. He is currently employed by Indiana State Police as a Trooper, and has been since 2006. He has been interested and activity shooting and reloading for several years. He currently, and in the past has been, involved in civilian/public competition shooting ranging from Bench Rest, Steel, USPSA, 3 Gun, to Bullseye matches. He has also competed in several department related Bullseye and local law enforcement only matches. He enjoys and has supervised local Cub Scout BB gun events for over five years. In a five year time frame Brent achieved every available individual shooting award in the Indiana State Police with the crowning event occurring July 2011, when he was awarded “Top Gun” (the #1 shooter in the entire Indiana State Department). He absolutely enjoys not only shooting, but also training shooters of all levels and ages. He also believes strongly in continually developing his skill set through further training in all disciplines of firearms.

Alec Watson

Brother to Aaron, Alec has also grown up with the value of firearms in the home since a young age. He enjoys bringing new shooters into the sport and focusing on the fundamentals of shooting. Alec has a passion for the 1911 platform and carries one regularly. Alec also enjoys working the the scouting program to promote responsible firearm education among youth.