Firearms Sales

WCDI is a Class III Federal Firearms Dealer, meaning we sell firearms and accessories, including NFA items. This has been recently acquired and we have a low inventory. However, we have many guns for you to demo and anything you order from us will be in stock in 2 days. Support our business by purchasing from us and we promise to support you for the life of your product! Remember we are primarily an educational institute, our focus is to educate our customers, not make a firearms sale just to take your money. We hope to build a lasting relationship through equipping you with what you need. Contact us to start a sale or for a copy of our FFL if you need it for transfers. Here are some awesome policies we have:

  • PRICE MATCHING: We will price match any brick and mortar store. We will be impressed if you find prices that beat ours.
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you don't like the firearm we sold you, its our fault for selling you the wrong one. Bring it back for a 100% in-store credit for an alternative.
  • FREE FFL TRANSFER: Why pay a $25 FFL transfer fee? How about you don't. Transfers through WCDI are free with any additional purchase.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY DISCOUNT: Words cannot express our appreciation for your service, let us pay you back as much as we can. 
  • FREE CONSULTATIONS: Want to come by for an hour and price out an AR-15 build? Just let us know.