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Feel free to contact us any time through any of the following avenues:



1710 17th St.

Columbus IN 47201

Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm

Saturday - 9am - 9pm


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Aaron Watson
Owner, President, Firearms Instructor
Phone: (812)-344-7298
Email: aaron.watson@wc-defenseinstitute.com

Tami Watson
Firearms Instructor
Phone: (812)-447-2823
Email: tami.watson@wc-defenseinstitute.com

Brent Lykins
Firearms Instructor
Phone: (812)-344-7948
Email: brent.lykins@wc-defenseinstitute.com

Alec Watson
Firearms Instructor
Phone: (812)-657-1273
Email: alec984@gmail.com

Chad Chambers
Owner, CEO
Phone: (812)-820-6483
Email: chad.chambers@wc-defenseinstitute.com

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