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Co-Ed and Ladies Only classes (see dates)

    Have you wanted to learn about guns and were afraid to ask?

    Are there guns in your home, but you are not familiar with them?

   Are you thinking about getting a gun but don't know where to start?


Questions like these, and many others will be covered, discussed, and answered in the “First Step” Safety Class. Other topics covered include:

    Refusing to a victim. 

    Safety in public with or without a firearm. 

    Shoot or don’t shoot scenarios. 

    Conceal carry options. 

    What kind of gun would be appropriate?

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly violent. We can pretend it will never happen to us, or we can start today to change our mindset, become more aware of the world around us, and make it tougher to be viewed as an easy target. Choosing to protect yourself and the one's you love is a very responsible and noble act.

 Take the “First Step” today! 

Come join us for an informative, educational, no holds barred discussion, for men and woman, young and old, concerning personal safety and firearms introduction. After this class, students can also take the Second and Third Step classes and fire their first shots with us out at the range!

Cost: $40 dollars a person. 

Length: Approximately 3 Hours

Bring a few friends, or a family member. 

Do something that may save your life. 

Hope to see you soon!


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