RSO Class





To develop NRA Certified Range Safety Officers who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.


    21 years old or older 

    Attend the entire course. 

    Participate in discussions and practical exercises. 

    Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to organize, conduct, and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations. 

    Achieve an examination score of 90% or higher. 

    Submit an application and fee.

Course Lessons Subjects Include: 

    Defining the role of the Range Safety Officer (RSO). 

    The purpose of range Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

    Procedures for inspecting a range prior to live fire. 

    Conducting a range safety briefing. 

    Emergency procedures. 

    How to safely unload guns and correct stoppages and malfunctions. 


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