Elite Shotgun





Elite Shotgun! This is a 2 day, 16 hour, top level advanced shotgun course, so be ready. It's time to bring your shotgun skills to the max. Things will be more advanced, so come ready to learn! If you have not taken the Shotgun Defense Intermediate level class, there is a prerequisite shooting test you must take prior to enrolling in this class. Instructors will be current military and law enforcement. 

  Have you taken our Shotgun Defense Class? This is the next step!

  Are you ready to learn to fight with your shotgun in public? 

  Its time to take your training seriously

Course Goal:

To develop in students the basic knowledge skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective, responsible, and ethical use of a shotgun for self defense outside the home.


Lessons Include:

    Intro to Shotgun Carry Safety and the Defensive Mindset

    Legal Aspects of Shotgun Carry and Self Defense

    Primary and Secondary Platform Cohesion

    Presentation, Position, and Movement Tactics

    Special Shooting Techniques, CQB, and Vehcile Integration

    Sport Shooting Activities and Training Opportunities 

Cost: $500 per person

You will need a reliable shotgun, and 300 rounds of ammunition (minimum), 50 slugs and the rest bird shot to save costs and your shoulder. We recommend mag tube size of at least 5. Extension tubes can be purchased and fitted at WCDI prior to the course. Ranges will be up to 100 yards. 12 gauge or 20 gauge only, SBSs and suppressors are welcome. This a 2 day class between classrooms and ranges so be well rested. Eat breakfast before coming in the morning and pack a lunch to eat on a break. We will try and finish up in time for dinner each day. 


After registration we will contact you with the specific times and meeting locations. Ranges will be private. IF you have any questions feel free to contact Aaron Watson directly at 812-344-7298. WCDI members, Law Enforcement, and active Military get a discount. 

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